Empty Anniversary…Empty Refrigerator…Empty Hope

Today I have been married for 13 years. My husband “ran away” two years ago. So much for love, honor and cherish till death huh?

I don’t get my food stamps until Monday…This is my fridge right now.



I have been having a lot of issues since the doctor raised my medication level. The worst of which has been my radical sleep schedule. I fell asleep at 4pm yesterday and slept until 1am this morning.

I had intended on leaving the house soon to go panhandle, but after walking Penny for five minutes and coming in sweating…there is just no way I can go stand out there.

Thank goodness I see my therapist at 1 today. I best set my alarm in case I fall to sleep again so I don’t miss it. Sigh

I can’t see the med doctor until Monday to see what can be done about my side-affects. I am beyond discouraged right now.

When will I ever get some relief?


11 comments on “Empty Anniversary…Empty Refrigerator…Empty Hope

    • I won’t starve. I listed below what I DO have in the house. Just really need some basics. Oh, and every toiletry item you can think of TP, shampoo, etc. I also have no household stuff, dish soap, trash bags…and food stamps won’t cover any of that. I’m just frustrated and tired.


    • Yes, but I mostly need milk, bread, meat and fresh stuff….they don’t have anything but packaged foods or cans. I have a few cans of vegetables, two frozen chicken breasts, 1 potato…some boxed stuffing…oh, and two eggs in that carton. But, I really need milk and bread at least ya know? I’ll be fine. I need to diet anyway.


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