Yes, I’m still alive…..

Hey everyone!

Gosh, it’s been so long and there is much to catch up on.

Unfortunately, I need to get back into writing mode. Things are getting better for me…little by little. I am so grateful to have “made it” out of the dark and back to the light. Until I have a better idea of what I want to write…here are a few of my recent photos….Love and hugs, Kim


Playing with My New Camera…So Much Fun!

Not sure if I mentioned that my sweetheart bought me a new camera! He noticed that for the past year or so I have not been doing much in the creative realm, and wanted to inspire me. It really did!

This camera is much more intricate than my little Canon that I have been using for years. Although, I loved the photos it took, I always shot on “auto”. Now, I am learning how to shoot manual and reading about the basics of photography. I’m really excited about something for the first time in a while..(well, besides him of course lol).

These are the first two photos I have ever shot in manual, and I am loving learning more every day. Heck, I’ve had to spend a lot of time just reading the manual that came with my camera bundle and my Dslr book for Dummies. I love that I am learning something new.

Juvenile Cardinal

Juvenile Cardinal

Bird Song

Bird Song

A Room with a View….My Latest Project

Back in January, the housing program I am in decided to move a few people around. I was one of those who was moved into a smaller apartment. I actually love the complex more than the other. It is much quieter here and I am closer to the ocean.

When I saw how small the kitchen was my first thought was, “It needs a window”. I love to have a window to look out of while I cook or do the dishes. So I hatched a plan.

I found the window frame at a local antique fair, and then had one of my own photographs enlarged to fit. So, now I have a window “view” over my sink. I can also switch out the photograph if I’d like to change the view!IMG_4458


First Attempt at Skyline Painting with “Fresh Paint” App

I started playing with “Fresh Paint” again tonight. I haven’t had much artistic inspiration lately, but this was fun. It was my first time trying something other than an abstract..or just plain landscape. I like how it turned out.

First City Scape 2014

Playing with “Fresh Paint” again!

Except for doing a few chores, I spent most of the day staying warm under the covers. I decided to start a new painting using the app. I like how this one turned out. I’m not sure I’m really even done with it, but I think so. I am practicing making trees, mountains…well, pretty much everything. Click on it to see full size.

Mountain Snow

My Newest Painting Using “Fresh Paint” App

Ocean Scene


I absolutely love playing with this app. The “paints” act just like real oils, mixing colors, texture etc. The only thing is, I don’t know if I am “cheating” or if it is really a miracle that I can “paint” like this with a computer mouse. Either way it is fun!

Discovering More of My Artistic Side

I have been so exited since starting this blog 6 weeks ago. My writing has been reborn, and improving. I have a new love of photography that had also lain dormant for so long, and tonight, I tried something totally new. Now, it’s not “real” painting, but I had so much fun creating this with a painting app in Windows 8. I know it’s amateurish but I really enjoyed working with it!

My Paintings