What Would You Do…What Would I Do?

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes.

I just got back from going to pick up a few groceries for Thanksgiving.

As I pulled into the Publix parking lot…there they were. A young couple and their adorable 4 yo daughter. The sign they held read…”Need Food Please”…”Need a Job Please”..”God bless you”….I approached them and explained that I had no money, but that I had food stamps. I asked what they needed and the little girl just said, “yogurt”.

They didn’t speak English very well, (please refrain from any bullshit political comments about that), but knowing that they needed food was enough for me to know that I could do SOMETHING!

I came out of the store shortly afterward with the girls yogurt, some fruit, and something for them to eat for dinner tonight. Their gratitude was more than I could bear. My heart was breaking.

I know how it is to stand out there. I know how it feels to depend on others for help and to receive mostly judgement. Praise God for those who do have the compassion to help…However…I got in the car and started crying…because I wanted to do so much more!

I couldn’t really afford to spend my Food stamps on them, but what else was there to do? Every one of us has something we can give to others…even if, on some days it is only a hug or a smile.

I prayed on the way home. I prayed for that lovely family…and I prayed for God to bless me like I’ve never been blessed before…not for me you see, but so I can do all that I dream of doing for others.

For all the lost, lonely souls..for all the homeless people and animals…for everyone I meet who is hungry, cold or sick…I don’t want to be blessed for me…I just want to stop feeling that I can’t do enough…I am still crying.



Fighting the Plague, Baby Bird Rescue, and Food Stamps Buy Plants!

I am still battling the plague of the fleas. The house is not bad, but my poor dogs are suffering. The spot on treatments and baths in Dawn have done basically nothing. I have now switched to all of the natural methods I can find.

I started them on brewer’s yeast tablets and chopped garlic about a week ago. I also have lemon water that I am using as a spray and wipe deterrent on their bodies. My next step is to make a home-made shampoo using  baby shampoo and cedar wood essential oil. We shall see how this works. It can’t be any worse than using all the nasty chemicals which aren’t working anyway.

This morning hubby looked out and noticed Casey staring intently at something on the ground. We finally saw a fledgling bird jumping up out of the grass. I managed to catch it and after a once over, realized it was not injured, so I placed it over the fence into my neighbor’s backyard. I really didn’t know what else to do. I’m not very experienced with nursing birds. It appeared to be just learning to fly. I am going to do some more praying that nature will take whatever course it would have without my knowledge.

Finally…I am so excited! I read a while back that EBT/Snap benefits, a.k.a. food stamps, can be used to buy vegetable seeds and plants! I was very hesitant to try it, seeing as I had never known anyone who had, but I was very pleased after going through the check out with a tomato plant and it worked! Why don’t they advertise this amazing use of our benefits? Most folks I know had no idea we could do this. It would save us so much of our benefits that are spent on fresh produce. I am so happy. I went back and got a couple more plants and will get them planted later today! Way cool.

Have a wonderful, blessed and peaceful day! Hugs


Three Golden Eggs


No matter how many hard knocks I have had in my life, I sometimes find the littlest thing can trigger a moment of sincere gratitude. It is these moments that we need to remember when we are facing a difficult challenge or trial.

Back in 2009 my husband lost his job when his company downsized. After two weeks of searching for work, we knew we were in deep trouble. We had no money for the rent, and little food. We had been eating nothing but white rice for four days. I finally got up the nerve to go and ask a neighbor if I could “borrow” a couple of eggs. She handed me three eggs. I thanked her and headed back to the house. I had never handled eggs so carefully in my life, watching every little step to make sure I didn’t drop them. I got home and scrambled them so there would be enough for both of us to eat. Oh, but the smell of those eggs cooking was like heaven, my belly rumbling, both of us giddy at the thought of something besides rice to eat! They were the best eggs I’ve ever had. We lost the condo a few weeks later, and were homeless, but that’s another story.

About a year ago I was in the kitchen fixing my dogs something to eat. I went to the fridge and pulled out two eggs  to scramble in the microwave, so I could mix them in with their kibble.  As I held the eggs in my hand I became overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. Here I was feeding eggs to my dogs, recalling a time when three eggs were like gold, because it was all we had.

I’ve learned so much in my struggles with poverty, and found a way to be grateful for something in every day… on that day, it was just eggs.

© Kim Hood 2013