Fighting the Plague, Baby Bird Rescue, and Food Stamps Buy Plants!

I am still battling the plague of the fleas. The house is not bad, but my poor dogs are suffering. The spot on treatments and baths in Dawn have done basically nothing. I have now switched to all of the natural methods I can find.

I started them on brewer’s yeast tablets and chopped garlic about a week ago. I also have lemon water that I am using as a spray and wipe deterrent on their bodies. My next step is to make a home-made shampoo using  baby shampoo and cedar wood essential oil. We shall see how this works. It can’t be any worse than using all the nasty chemicals which aren’t working anyway.

This morning hubby looked out and noticed Casey staring intently at something on the ground. We finally saw a fledgling bird jumping up out of the grass. I managed to catch it and after a once over, realized it was not injured, so I placed it over the fence into my neighbor’s backyard. I really didn’t know what else to do. I’m not very experienced with nursing birds. It appeared to be just learning to fly. I am going to do some more praying that nature will take whatever course it would have without my knowledge.

Finally…I am so excited! I read a while back that EBT/Snap benefits, a.k.a. food stamps, can be used to buy vegetable seeds and plants! I was very hesitant to try it, seeing as I had never known anyone who had, but I was very pleased after going through the check out with a tomato plant and it worked! Why don’t they advertise this amazing use of our benefits? Most folks I know had no idea we could do this. It would save us so much of our benefits that are spent on fresh produce. I am so happy. I went back and got a couple more plants and will get them planted later today! Way cool.

Have a wonderful, blessed and peaceful day! Hugs


Shall I Write?

I’ve been debating a post for weeks now, as I don’t feel I have anything to say. I am determined to write positively and be an uplifting soul to those who bother to read this little space, but I feel if I wait for those uplifting posts to come to me we will all be waiting a long time.

I lost my appetite about two months ago. At first I thought it was from the severe anxiety attacks I had been experiencing, but now that those have lessened…well, honestly, I don’t know what it wrong. I force myself to eat to keep my strength up, some days I manage well, others…not so much.

I sleep like a fairy tale princess…lost in dreams I don’t wish to wake from. I don’t feel particularly depressed about anything, but my life here has so little to offer at the moment that the dreams are so much more fun. I sometimes sleep for 12 hours straight! I try to get out of bed when I wake, but there is so little that changes from day to day…feed the dogs, make tea, sit here at this table and spend my day playing games on the computer..alone…always alone. It is just so easy to stay in bed and sleep.

There is not any money to do anything or to go anywhere, I have to save what gas I have in the car to do errands, pay bills.

My poor dogs have fleas, and I have been battling with baths and vacuuming to try and beat them. I am hoping after paying rent this week that there is money left for some flea treatment for them. I feel like a horrible pet parent.

I want to reach out more…to call my sister or a friend, but I feel like there is nothing to say…and so, this blog has suffered as well.

Every night I make promises to myself…I will get up early tomorrow. I will write. I will get out and take some photos. Then…the morning comes and I face another day that reminds me of a really bad remake of “Groundhog Day”…and I lapse into my sleeping coma…awaken late into the afternoon, and berate myself for being “lazy”, for not doing what I promised myself I would.

Are we there yet?

I’m thinking if all else fails…maybe I should just post some pics of this little life I have here. This little shack we call home, the dogs, the overgrown yard that I keep badgering hubby about getting cleaned up, and yet, I have no inclination to do myself.

Why do I feel the need to apologize to all of you? Probably because I don’t like negativity in anyone…least of all myself. I will smile, dance to the silly songs on the radio…make myself eat something and try to be cheery when hubby comes in the door.
It is extremely hot today, and I finally put the AC on….On I go! Love, hugs and peace my dear friends.

Sunset Bird

All is Forgiven

This is one of my favorite blogs..I sit down with my tea each morning, and follow along with Celi as she lives her day to day on the farm. Fantasic.


Yesterday morning I was in a right grump. It was cold and raining and COLD and RAINING. I know it is bad to be in a grump about it being cold and raining with so many of you in California in a terrible drought but I was grumpy. Logic plays no part in grumpiness.  sun-came-out-063

So I jammed my legs into my clown suit and my hands led my arms in a mood through my jacket and I stomped into my boots and out I went to do chores and yell at the dogs who were too bloody cheerful for my liking.  sun-came-out-057

But then after lunch the sun came out…sun-came-out-010

and  the bees came out and are already gathering pollen from the dandelions …sun-came-out-004

and the pigs came out to graze..


and I dug the weeds for the Plonkers (your header shot) and all was forgiven.  Cold is OK if…

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Playin’ With Possum

My dog’s Cody and Casey have been teased and bothered by a rather large possum for some months now. Well, I am sad to say that tonight they got their payback. A while ago both dogs started barking and whining to go out…I opened the back door and not even two seconds later they had the poor animal in a tug of war…I quickly got both dogs back in the house. I ventured back out to check on the possum who was still in the same spot they had dropped it. I made a bit of noise and it opened its eyes and looked at me. I was very cautious approaching it, wanting to see if it could walk. It finally waddled away, looking as if it is a female with a full pouch. I am so sad. I won’t let the dogs out again until the yard has been thoroughly searched.

It is very hard to let nature take its course at times, but I feel it’s best not to intervene unless I have to. I am going  back out there before bed to see of there is any sign of the possum. I shall pray in the meantime that it’s injuries are minor and that God will lead it out of the yard. Sigh…

Anybody Home?

In the midst of a heavy sleep…I heard a tap, tap, tapping on my bedroom window. This little bird was either flirting with its reflection, or wanting to come into better digs to nest…He has been doing this for several days now. Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Window Visitor

Rain on the Tin Roof, Rumble, Flash…Storm!

The storm has arrived, so far just wind, rain, thunder and’s all good. I will be happy to watch it and long as no tornadoes are about.

Beautiful Weather and Feeling Better

Hey all! It is a lovely day here in the Golden Isles, sunny, breezy and 74 degrees. Now this is why I moved here!

I am beginning to feel like my old self again..hmm, “old”? Anyway, I am looking forward to getting out of the house and soaking up some sun and fresh air. Maybe after so many years in the south my body just responds to cold negatively. I am just happy to be feeling some strength today. Much better.