The Prodigal Writer Returns….I Hope.

Once again, I am sorry to all of my friends, followers and anyone else who is interested in this life of mine.

It has been such a struggle these past few years. I guess sometimes it’s easier to write about things when they are going badly than when things are well.

I am doing well. I am in a relationship with an awesome and caring man, though I’m still a bit skittish about it getting so serious. But, I know he cares so deeply for me…a type of caring that I have never experienced in my life. So, I’m just going with the flow for now…no rush.

I don’t really want to talk about my mental health struggles tonight, so this post will be a photographic “story” of me and my sweetheart’s Valentine’s Day weekend away. It was amazing to be in such a beautiful place with someone I adore. I was also allowed to bring my dog, Penny Lane, with us, so that made it all the more special.


Being Homeless Gave Me My Life Back…Better Than Before!

Wow, I can barely believe the title of this post.

A few months, or even a year ago, I could not have imagined my life as it is today.

The years before I became homeless were not happy ones. My marriage had become more of a “roommate” relationship, and our constant financial struggle filled my days with stress and anxiety. I was so unhappy. But, this post is not about my marriage or my life before homeless. This post is about my life today, a life I had only dreamed about…a happy life.

Being homeless was probably the toughest thing I have ever had to go through, and yet, that is the key right there…going THROUGH, and coming out the other side. I am happier, healthier, stronger..and I feel more loved than ever.

You see… I realized this past year just how many people truly care about me. Old friends, new friends, friends I only know on the other side of this screen. These people have cried with me, rejoiced with me, comforted me with their words, prayers, finances and hugs. I could not possibly express how grateful and humbled I am with this realization. I AM LOVED. Wow.

The beginning of this new year has brought new hope and new joys. My bucket list got a big check mark on January second when I went horseback riding on the beach…a dream I have had forever! (bad photos from a phone)

P010215_1408 P010215_1413 P010215_1414c

That day was just beyond awesome. My horse, Dancer, was a little four year old filly and so much fun to ride! I can’t believe I finally got to ride a horse with the ocean lapping at her hooves…the salt air blowing my hair…awesome!

I have met so many new people who have fast become friends…I started going to karaoke again, remembering what it feels like to get up on stage and sing my heart out. It feels as if I have been reborn. Everything is new and exciting.

I am praying to hear about a job by Monday. Please pray, light a candle or whatever you do to send good vibes my way. Having a job, and my own income will be just one more piece of the puzzle in my new life. How cool is all of this? LOL…Yes, I just used an LOL…My face hurts from smiling.

I went to see my Med Doc this week, and he was amazed with how well I am feeling. He cut my meds down, with the goal of my being med free by the end of the year. I am happy about that too.

While most of the country is freezing, it was 63 here today. I stepped out on my balcony to take this shot.


I am blessed…and so incredibly grateful. Thank you Lord!

Walk With Me…Hold My Hand

Walk along the beach with me
Hold my hand
Let’s feel the sand between our toes
The water chasing us with each crashing wave
Walk along the beach with me
Let’s watch the sunset
Sing silly songs
Laugh at ourselves
Walk along the beach with me
Let’s sit in silence together
Hold my hand
Listen to the roar
Walk along the beach with me
Hold my hand
Only for our joy and comfort
Not for any other reason
Walk along the beach with me
Let’s not miss this moment
In a wisp of wind it will be gone
Hold my hand
Smile…breathe…be there with me.
"Walking my Favorite Beach"

“Walking my Favorite Beach”