I Am a Neglectful Blog Parent…

I am so sorry for my neglect here lately. I am definitely NOT going to do well writing for the November challenges.

My new life has been moving forward slowly and steadily, and I am beyond happy. The apartment is coming along nicely, with furniture donations and little touches of my own, it is beginning to look like a home. I still wake every day like it is Christmas morning and I am a four year old child, so excited to be here. Safe, warm, and fed is just amazing. I continue to look for work, but it will come.

My dog Casey was finally adopted from the Humane Society a couple of weekends ago, and I am so happy for her. Though I am heartbroken for myself, missing her terribly, but so blessed to know that she has a real home again too. I don’t have to lie down every night picturing her in that kennel..I pray she is sleeping at the foot of someone’s bed now.

It is difficult at times to believe how much my life has changed and to face how much I have lost. I have yet to fully “look” at it all. Most of you that know me, know that I like to remain as positive as possible, but eventually I will have to expose myself to some of the hurt in order to move past it…just not now. If I were to truly write about it, it would hurt too much. I’ve hurt enough in my life.

Honestly though…if I were to write what I am feeling at this moment, it would just be the word “grateful” over and over again on this page. Funny how writing about the misery is sometimes easier than writing of happiness. Misery is complex and joy in simple, less words are needed. I spend my days listening to fun, happy music…I dance around my apartment, visit with my new friends, sing karaoke on Monday nights with more new friends…I eat and sleep and just LIVE. It is so incredible after so much time merely surviving. This is heaven.

There is a time to be happy, to be content, to just enjoy what the good Lord has blessed us with…and that time is always “now”. I love you all so much, and hopefully I will be here more often. Please keep me in prayer about finding work, and well, about everything! God is so good! Hugs!

P.S. I almost forgot! I passed my one year anniversary on here…wow! I just noticed I have 473 followers…when did that happen? I am still a bit surprised that my little life is of interest to anyone, but truly blessed by knowing. Thanks everyone!