Goodnight Moon….


Awesome Sunday

I took another day away from the computer, and I feel amazing. It’s funny how easy it is to spend so much time on here, and forget to go out and live. I love blogging, I love my computer friends, and games etc., but these past two days have been wonderful. 

I went out this evening to pick up dog food, supplies for my fish, and was planning on heading to the island for some sunset photos. By the time I picked up the animal’s necessities, I was a bit tired and decided instead to head to the book store. I browsed the aisles for over two hours, picking up “maybe” purchases, sitting on the floor pouring over titles, just enjoying the atmosphere. 

I didn’t actually end up buying anything. It was one of those, “do I really NEED this” kind of days, and I decided that the answer was “no”. I had such a good time though, very relaxing. 

I noticed the moon just over the trees when I arrived in the parking lot at the book store, and took a couple of shots. That was it for photographs today. 

I just ate a very late dinner, and am ready for a good nights sleep…I hope. Sleep has been evasive lately. I hope you all had a great weekend!

Goodnight Moon

Moon Shot